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20 Watt Floor Laser

20 Watt Floor Laser

SKU: 21052

For any user with laser marking needs, Hansco-Mark lasers are the ultimate solution. The floor model is perfect for all levels of laser experience, having a wide variety of uses without the large footprint of other lasers. The easy to open door allows for quick access to the marking table, with side doors that can be detached to fully integrate the machine into assembly lines. This laser has the power to mark any metal from aluminum to stainless steel, as well as, non-metals such as plastics, denim and organic materials. To ensure optimal marking power every time, the machine comes with an easy to use focus finder system. The pilot laser helps with the workpiece alignment process by displaying a box where the contents will be marked. The machine is run by a user-friendly system, which can create photos, text, barcodes and much more. A 10-inch, touch screen, computer is the brains behind this laser, which mounts directly to the side of the machine cabinet. This system has enough built in storage to hold over 45,000 programs, with 4 external USB ports to hold portable storage drives for increased space.

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