MP150i Dot Peen Marking Machine

MP150i Dot Peen Marking Machine

SKU: 20000

Our flagship Hansco-Mark micro percussion marking machine. Whether it is a single asset ID or full serialization, Hansco-Mark™ is the easiest and fastest way to complete your job. This machine is able to handle 24 hour continuous runs without any decrease in performance due to heat buildup. Production quality and performance of the MP150i solves real marking needs of manufacturers. Hansco-Mark™ MP150i is specifically designed as a work bench machine used to mark any material from heat treated material up to 63 Rockwell (HRC 63) to water/oil hardened steel, sheet metal, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper and plastic. It's compact design 21" x 9 ½" x 30 ½" (L x W x H) requires only a small area to operate correctly and requires no additional PC computer for support. It comes fully assembled with easy to use software, keyboard, and 5.7" color LCD monitor. This machine comes standard with over 400 megabytes of memory allowing users to save more than 30,000 files. It is constructed for easy integration with other computers and with an RS-232 and additional I/O, connectivity is seamless. Each machine comes with multiple ports allowing users to hook up additional monitors (VGA) and easily import marking files like .PLT, HPGL, DXF, G-Code files, and logos (USB). Applications for barcoding and identification in the automotive, medical device, government/military/defense, aerospace, electronics, agriculture, oil/gas/energy, and metal working industries are endless. Hansco-Mark™ 20000 is a versatile micro-percussion marking machine with a 6" x 4" marking area with a maximum height clearance of 12 ½" allowing users to mark just about everything part, plate, tooling, casting, mold or tag. It comes loaded with 8 different fonts and custom fonts available to upload through the USB. This machine runs on 110/220 Volt with 265 Watt and able to mark linear text with or without angles, arc or circular, trace, data matrix, and mark in multiple languages all controlled by the keyboard and monitor.


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