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Portable Dot Peen Machine

Portable Dot Peen Machine

SKU: 20006

The Hansco-Mark Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine is the perfect tool for any tool room or maintenance department. This machine can be run off a 110-volt wall plug, but if complete portability is required, can also run for up to 4 hours via an on-board, rechargeable battery. This machine runs on electricity only and does not require any connections to pressurized air. For increased portability the entire system comes complete on a wheeled cart to quickly move the machine from one job location to the next. Once at the job location simply lower the stabilizing pads on the bottom of the cart, then the 15-foot cord allows for a large working diameter without having to move the cart with you. To provide the ultimate in comfort the marking head has been designed to reduce the amount of vibration that is experienced by the user. Components within the marking head are optimized to have the fewest fasteners possible to increase the life of the machine. The marking head enclosure is comprised of one solid piece of aluminum to reduce vibration and increase product life span.


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    All of our machines come with a 3 year warranty 

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